Rob Streeter

Freelance Outdoor Writer.


OWAA Member  --  NYSOWA Member 

Rob has written two books.  His first is "The New York Fly-Fishing Guide" (Amato Publications), and his second is "Warmwater Fly-Fishing, finding and catching warm water species."

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Rob is the Outdoor Correspondent for the Albany, New York Times Union Newspaper.  His articles cover all aspects of the outdoors including hunting, fishing, camping, paddling, and conservation.

Rob also writes for a variety of national and even overseas magazines on fly fishing, bowhunting, and the outdoors.  His favorite outdoor activities are traditional bowhunting, fly fishing, and fly tying.  


Rob has filmed and produced two fly-fishing DVD's.  "Tying and Fishing for Smallmouth Bass," and "Tying and Fishing for Panfish." 

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YouTube Channel--

Please check out my YouTube Channel at Rob Streeter Outdoors.  I'll be adding content for fly-fishing, fly-tying, and bowhunting. ​